Royal College of Surgeons


Royal College of Surgeons


McCauley Daye O’Connell / Abcott Partners


Sandyford, Co. Dublin.

Key Features

Renovation of ground and second floors of RCSI’s student training facility in Reservoir House.
Tight program as works had to take place in a two month window when students were on their summer holidays
Works took place in a live building so had to be programmed and scheduled not to interfere with or impact the full time staff
Demolition of internal walls and ceilings
Alterations were carried out to existing AC, plumbing and heating systems
Electrics were upgraded and a new AV system was installed
Glazed office partitions were installed by a specialist contractor
A bespoke reception desk and kitchen was installed
New internal walls and ceilings were installed
New flooring was fitted throughout
Decoration took place in all areas