About us


At JSD the quality of the service and product that we provide to our Clients is of the utmost importance from start to finish of each and every project.  This for us is a Unique Selling Point and the evidence of a quality service / product is for us measured by the level of repeat business we have achieved in the past and will achieve for the future.
In 2017 JSD achieved a number of accreditation which when combined make up our Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety Management System (QEHS).

JSD introduced a Quality Management System and is totally committed to the principles and practice of excellence and will conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard.  The scope of the certification includes 
all activities relating to the company and the following summaries the main objective and features of the QMS.


  • To consistently provide customer value and satisfaction in product and service through world-class leadership, continual improvement, employee development, recognition and social responsibility.
  • Our Quality Management System provides a framework for measuring and improving our overall business performance, supporting our company strategy and business plan, facilitates continual improvement and ensures the fulfillment of our customers’ requirements and other applicable requirements. This is achieved by:
  • Ensuring requirements of all interested parties are clearly understood.
  • Promotion of a process approach and risk based thinking – so all processes are established, documented, resourced appropriately, monitored and measured to ensure conformance to their intended results.
  • The provision and use of sufficiently trained, developed and competent staff.
  • Implementation of adequate planning and review in terms of procurement and use of the best materials and plant in all projects.
  • Development and maintenance of first class relationships with Clients, Suppliers, Sub-contractors, Staff and any other interested parities to a project.
  • Monitoring and measurement of our Quality Performance by ongoing audits and acting on opportunities for continual improvement.
  • Annual review of performance and ongoing assessment of Qualtiy Policy objectives.


Our Quality Management System is registered to ISO 9001 by EQA

Our Certification and Policy Statement can be found by clicking the link below.