Circle K Safeway Arklow – Site Induction

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1. Wear safety footwear incorporating steel toecaps and steel puncture proof mid-soles.

2. Safety helmet, hi-vis jacket/hi-vis vest must be worn at all times, safety glasses and protective gloves to be worn when required.

3. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment e.g. eye, ear, hand protection, etc., for all hazardous tasks.

4. Wear close fitting clothing appropriate to the task with full-length sleeves.

5. Use mechanical means of lifting and avoid heavy lifts on your own.

6. Wash your hands frequently and thoroughly.

7. Tie ladders securely when in use.

8. Use a safety harness where there is a risk of falling when scaffolding and other protection is not available and you have been trained in its use.

9. Have appropriate Fire Fighting Equipment available when undertaking any Hot Works and ensure that you have received a permit to work.

10. Evacuate to the nearest assembly point if there is an emergency.

11. It is your duty to report all accidents and incidents which could have had serious consequences (near misses) and unsafe working conditions including defective plant and equipment to your immediate supervisor or safety officer.

12. Keep your work area tidy.

13. Observe all traffic signs and restrictions, including all site speed limits.

14. Obey signage, keep behind barriers and use proper entry/exit routes.

15. Ensure machines are regularly serviced.

16. Ensure machines are turned off when not in use.

17. Minimise waste, by careful storage, reusing and recycling.

18. Dispose of waste correctly, segregate if possible.

19. Minimise use of water, fuel, materials.

20. Minimise dust.

21. Minimise noise.

22. Refuel machines in designated area with drip tray underneath.

23. Report any spillages or incidents (dust, noise) to site management.

24. Store liquids on drip trays.

25. Place drip tray under any plant where a risk of drips or leakage exist.

26. Ensure liquids are properly labelled.

27. Oily rags to be stored / disposed of in drum provided.

1. Undertake high risk activities without a Method Statement/Safe Plan of action.

2. Use a naked flame or electric tools anywhere near combustible materials or flammable liquid.

3. Undertake any Hot Works unless you have received authorisation from the Site Manager and have a current, appropriate Hot Work Permit.

4. Enter any manhole or confined space unless you are in possession of a valid entry permit.

5. Undertake any excavation unless you have received authorisation from the Project Manager and have been issued with a Permit to Dig.

6. Enter any excavation over 1.25M deep without adequate shoring or battering to a safe slope.

7. Remove boards or handrails from any scaffolding.

8. Climb scaffolding.

9. Leave tools or materials lying around the site.

10. Throw materials down from a height.

11. Ride as a passenger on any piece of site plant.

12. Drive any vehicle or plant unless you are trained, over 18 and authorised by site management to do so.

13. Reverse any vehicle or plant unless you have a clear view to the rear or are being directed by a competent person.

14. Create tripping hazards for yourself or others and block any corridors, stairs, walkways and exits.

15. Engage in any operation that may put yourself or other fellow workers at risk.

16. Eat or drink outside the canteen areas provided.

17. Come onto site under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

18. Play practical jokes or horseplay on site.

19. Commence work in a live environment (Water, Power, Data) without the presence of a qualified person.

20. Leave keys in the ignition of an unlocked / unattended vehicle.

21. Pour silty water down drains.

22. Do water excavations or other water sources without approval of the site manager.

23. Bury or burn waste.
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